Navigating the CyberConnect Landscape: A Comprehensive Analysis of Top-Performing Applications in the CyberConnect Ecosystem

Navigating the CyberConnect Landscape: A Comprehensive Analysis of Top-Performing Applications in the CyberConnect Ecosystem

This article presents all you need to know about the best-performing projects in the CyberConnect Ecosystem.


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This comprehensively detailed article will walk you through all the top-performing projects in the CyberConnect ecosystem.

It reports the best-performing projects on CyberConnect, a detailed analysis, unique features, project roadmap, integration with CyberConnect, future outlook, and statistical data relevant to the growth of each project.

The selection is strictly based on metrics, user traction, and potential contribution to the CyberConnect protocol.

Note: This article is a reflection of the author's personal views and does not offer any investment advice.


It is no longer a disputed fact that the phenomenon “Web3 social media” or “Decentralized Social (DeSoc)” has come to stay and the CyberConnect decentralized social graph protocol is leading this evolution.

CyberConnect has succeeded and its success has martialed an army of projects to join this initiative aimed at creating a decentralized and secure social media ecosystem that values user privacy and ownership.

Founded by a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneurial team in 2021, there are already over 50 projects that are using CyberConnect to build social features for real-world use cases, such as community-owned social networks, marketplaces, content curation, discovery tools, and more.

As of July 2023, the CyberConnect protocol has 1.2M user profiles and 400k monthly active wallets that have conducted more than 14M transactions. Over 2,300 verified organizations, including Arbitrum, DyDx, Rarible, BNB Chain, and CoinMarketCap, created their CyberProfiles to build their web3 native audience. CyberConnect’s flagship social app, Link3, has 940k monthly active users.

CyberConnect is backed by Multicoin and Animoca Brands, among other top investors, and has raised over $25 million since its inception. For more information, visit

You can learn more about "DeSoc" in this article by BuilderDAO

The Present State of CyberConnect: CyberConnect V3

The core focus of the CyberConnect V3 upgrade is to create a flexible, scalable and interoperable social networking ecosystem that upholds a user's holistic identity and abstracts away the complexities of chain network switching.

CyberConnect V3 upgrade ushers in a new and scintillating multi-chain future aimed to power more robust hyper scalability for the next generation of web3 social dApps.

This upgrade is an enormous break away from the rigid and inaccessible state of Web3 social.

In essence, CyberConnect V3 presents the ultimate solution for the 3 major problems encumbering the world of decentralized social media (DeSoc): incompatibility of blockchains, poor data management and a high barrier of entry.

To actualize this reality, CyberConnect has introduced a range of products, functionalities and events including: CyberAccount, CyberWallet, CyberTrek and the CYBER token.

Read: CyberConnect V3: A New, Multi-Chain Future for Web3 Social - an article by CyberConnect

The Recently Launched Governance Token: $CYBER

In August 2023, in furtherance of its vision to sustain a user-owned social network, the CyberConnect team launched $CYBER

$CYBER is the native utility and governance token to be utilized across the CyberConnect ecosystem.

The token enables its holders to participate and vote on “CyberConnect Improvement Proposals” that determine the future of the protocol.

The introduction of the $CYBER token enables users to seamlessly utilize CyberConnect’s products, purchase digital assets, and trade content in a way that reduces transactional costs and improves the protocol’s overall efficiency, ultimately skyrocketing the user experience on the social network.

The CyberConnect Ecosystem

1. Link3


By its nature, Link3 is a social network and community platform that enables teams to build meaningful relationships with community members.

Put explicitly, Link3 is a web3 native social networking platform built on CyberConnect social graph and network protocol leveraging the CyberConnect interest graph engine for social data indexing and recommendation thereby contributing back to the CyberConnect data network through this graph engine. Link3 is built and wholly supported by CyberConnect.

Let’s look beyond the curtains to see the drivers behind this huge success

Link3 Core Features

The secret behind the massive success enjoyed by Link3 is its unique features and functionality.

Link3 has four core features namely: Profile, Events, Posts and Fan Club.

  • Profile: Profiles on Link3 represents user identities on the decentralized social network. They exist in the form of ERC-721 NFTs which are directly owned by the user not by Link3 and can be transferred by the user (for profit or whatever reason they deem fit).

    To users, Profiles serve as a holistic identity enabling reputable networking and meaningful connections among users and organizations. Users can directly submit their profiles for job applications without the stressful and rigorous process of verifying identity and authenticating documents as Link3 Profiles aggregate both on-chain and off-chain data.

    For projects or organizations, Link3 Profiles operate as an indispensable powerhouse that securely hosts all the information about such projects in one trusted and verifiable place.

  • Event: Event is one of Link3's greatest selling points. With Link3 events, projects and teams can upgrade the usual Twitter spaces and discuss events to web3 native events.

  • Post: Posts on Link3 are decentralized contents which exist in the form of NFTs and are tied to a user's profile capable of being transferred, monetized or used to raise funds.

  • Fanclub: Link3’s fan club is an initiative aimed at rewarding community loyalty in the form of a configurable contribution and reward program which projects can leverage to guide the community to contribute to collective goals and earn direct rewards for their effort.

Target Audience

Link3 focuses primarily on individual users, projects and organizations that thrive on community.

User Statistics

According to on-chain statistics done by Dune Analytics, there are over 909,500+ users on Link3.


Link3 also has 2,490+ organizations establishing connections with the community through cyberconnect.

Future Outlook

Link3 is focused on onboarding every project in the web3 ecosystem, with the goal of making Link3 the go-to social network for web3 community engagement.

You can explore the Link3 ecosystem through its official links.

2. Phaver


Phaver is a web3-focused and web2-compatible social media app powered by cyberconnect and lens protocol that provides users with real value, ownership and privacy.

Phaver adopts a web2.5 approach that enables anyone with an internet connection to access web3 content without signing in or connecting a wallet, while also providing those ready for the web3 experience with an amazing social ride on-chain.

Core Objective

Phaver's primary objective is to provide all internet users with a gateway to web3 social. Additionally, Phaver also grants users access to all the content posted on Lens Protocol, enabling users to integrate their Lens profile through Phaver.

As a matter of reward, early Phaver adopters stand a chance to earn promising rewards in Phaver's soon-to-be-launched token.

Phaver x CyberConnect

Phaver, as a part of the CyberConnect ecosystem, provides a seamless gateway into CyberConnect. Phaver enables anyone with a CyberConnect profile (ccProfile) to log in with their profiles directly on Phaver. Those without a ccProfile can also mint one and explore all the web3 social experience. Impliedly, Phaver's 170,000+ users get to mint on-chain profiles on CyberConnect.

Phaver integrated with CyberConnect in March 2023.

Learn more about the partnership in this announcement by CyberConnect on Twitter

As emphasized by Wilson Wei (co-founder & CEO of CyberConnect), CyberConnect’s hybrid option and object design enables Phaver to deliver social features at scale and create more equitable, meaningful, interoperable and seamless web3 social experiences for all existing and prospective Phaver users.

User Statistics

Phaver has totalled 170,000+ users since its launch in 2022 with an impressive number of daily and weekly active users.



Phaver has also accrued over 100,000 downloads on PlayStore alone and 200k+ across all app stores with a decent 3.9 stars review.


Phaver also has an engaging following of 186.6k followers on Twitter and 130,000+ members on its Discord Server.

Future Outlook

Phaver is preparing to release the cross-chain DM (Direct Messaging) feature. Also, Phaver has joined forces with CyberConnect to connect everyone on web3 regardless of what protocol or blockchain network they are on.

Additionally, as part of its future plans, all CyberConnect activity will be included in Phaver's reward program. This initiative will enable users to earn the soon-to-be-launched $Phaver tokens pre-launch.

Phaver aims at an interoperable ecosystem, expanding CyberConnect's horizons and creating a free inflow and outflow of users in and out of the CyberConnect social graph.

Find more about Phaver on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

3. ReadOn

ReadOn is a Read-Fi decentralized content platform that provides users (both web2 and web3) a platform to discover high-quality content efficiently.

Following the read-to-earn model, ReadOn incentivizes content creators, curators and content consumers and rewards users directly for their efforts. ReadOn provides a blogging platform, an avenue to share and read the latest news and a forum to discuss and interact.

As of the time of this report, ReadOn is currently supported on the BSC chain, Arbitrum and zkSync.

Core Features

A unique feature of ReadOn is that it is web2 compatible. ReadOn moved past the ideation phase when it launched its mobile application on both the Google Play store for Android users, where it has pulled over 50,000 downloads and a solid 4 stars review on average and on the Apple store for iOS users.

ReadOn also enables article authors to hold the NFT copyright of their publications and monetize their work in any way they desire.

ReadOn x CyberConnect

ReadOn helps content creators build relationships with their audience through CyberConnect essence NFTs issued to engaging top fans as a reward for their engagement, thus scaling the value provided on the social network.

By integrating the CyberConnect social graph protocol, ReadOn can leverage the CyberConnect interest graph engine to index social data, aggregate content and recommend users to content based on their interests.

ReadOn participated and finished third place in the recently concluded #Connected2023 social hackathon.

User Statistics

According to data published on its official website, ReadOn has pulled over:

  • 426,500+ Total Reading Time, with over:

  • 56,289 contents stored on the dApp, and

  • 389,541 Profile Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) minted

Project RoadMap

Find more about ReadOn on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

4. Atticc

Atticc is a decentralized social application built on CyberConnect, designed to help NFT Communities to launch, grow and monetize.

Atticc articulates web3 project builders' efforts to skyrocket their communities by maximizing the power of NFTs.

Atticc got recognised as a Web3 Social dApp during the #Connected2023 hackathon.

Unique Features

Atticc thrives on a design that enables users to represent a community as an NFT, with peer-to-peer NFT trading and an integrated AI moderator available to interact with the community.

Atticc's unique attributes can be utilised to build decentralized charities, decentralized societies**,** fan clubs, investment clubs, startup crowdfunding, and decentralize distinct parts of a centralized organization.

Read more in this mirror article by Atticc

Atticc x CyberConnect

Atticc integrated with CyberConnect to enable ccProfile holders to issue posts as Essence NFTs seamlessly.

User Stats and Achievements

In February 2023, Atticc recorded over 4,459 unique wallets representing its early users.

Future Outlook

Atticc is on a mission to return ownership of identity, data and monetization to social media users, and to build a product that accentuates the web3 mantra - ownership, decentralization and privacy.

Atticc is focused on improving its product performance, functionalities, as well as its content recommendation capabilities to advance the value provided to users.

Find more about Atticc on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

5. CyberTune

CyberTune is a decentralized music sharing and trading platform fully powered by CyberConnect social graph protocol**,** designed to transform the way music artists and fans interact - Think Spotify with the web3 spice.

CyberTune enables music artists to upload the original music as NFTs and get directly awarded without any intermediary.

Depending on their preference, artists can encourage fans committed to their works to subscribe to them (at a set cost or free) and can enable fans to collect their songs as NFTs.

CyberTune efficiently provides the CyberConnect ecosystem, the BNB chain and the web3 community at large, with a music streaming platform closely similar to what exists in web2 but with a system that gives them ownership and control of their data and generated revenue.

CyberTune x CyberConnect

As stated earlier, CyberTune is fully powered by CyberConnect. It leverages all the unique functionalities of the CyberConnect social graph protocol to provide the music landscape with a thrilling web3 experience.

User Statistics and Achievements

Recently launched in March 2023, as an offshoot of the #Connected2023 hackathon, CyberTune recorded 80k+ Essence NFTs created and 40k+ music collections created on its streaming platform, in just 5 days of its mainnet launch.

According to analytics on, CyberTune has amassed a total of 121,087+ published tracks,

With over 1,800,400 subscriptions and a total of 88,515+ users.

In July 2023, as evidence of its heavy on-chain activities, CyberTune was selected for the BNB chain Gas Grant program.

Future Outlook

CyberTune is on a mission to onboard more artists and music lovers to web3 through its user-friendly platform and to provide creators with the opportunity to derive maximum value from their work.

Find more about CyberTune on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

6. Hangout

Hangout is a unique 2D pixel decentralized metaverse which presents a platform for explorers to build, own and monetize web3/gaming experiences. Hangout leverages a micro-blockchain world and ecosystem currently built on 9 different blockchains (ETH, BSC, Polygon, etc), integrating social and business activities, entertainment and content creation to present an embosoming metaverse for users, brands and business projects.

Hangout serves as a one-stop platform integrating various blockchain projects. Hangout triumphs in this regard by using gamification to enable players to experience various levels of projects including NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, etc.

Hangout also uses mature 2D pixel technology to build a metaverse with a thrilling and immersive visual effect.

Cumulatively, Hangout's experience enables users to hold parties with friends host online meetings with colleagues, showcase their NFTs to other players, play fun games and network with other explorers in the Hangout metaverse.

Core Features


Hangout creates a unique virtual lifestyle of leisure, discovery and enterprise by pioneering a brand new concept "create-to-earn" to encourage users to build in the game by rewarding players with the hangout utility token $Hang.

Hangout also has HangoutLand - a collection of standard ERC-721 assets NFTs. Owning a Hangout land simulates ownership of in-game space associated with that land asset. Landowners can customize their space through access to special Hangout Metaverse functions, such as playing music, creating game quests, and decorating the space with in-game objects and NFTs from Hangout partner projects. Users can even build structures on their Land where their friends can interact!

Summarily, Hangout maximizes a social graph that aggregates NFT, DeFi and other base infrastructure.

Hangout x CyberConnect

Hangout partnered with CyberConnect in March 2023 to utilise CyberConnect’s social graph protocol to automatically record users’ ccProfile identity.

In case you didn't know, a ccProfile is a prerequisite for users to post/like content, issue endorsements or establish connections on-chain. It is a requirement fundamental to all on-chain social interactions powered by CyberConnect.

Within the CyberConnect ecosystem, a ccProfile NFT represents an on-chain identity whether in the form of NFTs, ENS names, a social media handle or a DID, the ccProfile NFT maps them all into one holistic identity.

This identity badge system is powered by cyberconnect and it is designed to enable users to create and showcase their experiences and activities on Hangout's land.

You can learn more about the partnership in this announcement tweet by CyberConnect's Verified Twitter Account

These identity badges will be in the form of NFTs or SBTs and users could use them to build their own Hangout Land and display or flaunt them on the internet.

Hangout will also issue Essence NFTs as awards for events that occur in the metaverse and off the metaverse.

As a matter of reference, Hangout also participated in the #Connected2023 hackathon and was voted a top-ranked rising star.

Ultimately, Hangout presents an ecosystem that welcomes users to seamlessly socialize and bring different variants of their identities into the CyberConnect social graph.

User Statistics

According to an analysis by dApp expert, Hangout has accrued a total of 58,197+ users since its launch in 2022.

Hangout also has an applaudable following of 38,000+ followers on Twitter and 20,000+ members on Discord.

Project RoadMap

Find more about HangOut on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

7. Light


Light is an open-sourced decentralized identity protocol built on top of CyberConnect that enables users to discover, connect with fellow explorers and earn based on wallet activity. It is a metaverse social explorer that enables users to own their followers/ following in a decentralized and transferable manner.

Core Features

Light enables users to curate discover and explore meaningful interactions on the metaverse in a way that was deemed impossible.

Lights Metaverse Timeline enables users to stay abreast of everything happening in the metaverse. With its Digital Assets Profile Dashboard, Light enables users to showcase and monitor all their digital assets in one single place.

Light also provides an open-sourced digital wallet, LightWallet available on the Safari browser, that enables the transfer of assets and interaction with decentralized applications dApps on any EVM chain.

Light x CyberConnect

Light is one of the earliest projects on the CyberConnect ecosystem and it has partnered with the social graph protocol since February 2022.

You can learn more about the partnership in this announcement tweet by CyberConnect

Light’s Social Graph is powered by CyberConnect, and it enables users to follow the accounts they value, and own their followers/following in a decentralized and transferable manner.

User Statistics

  • 97,000+ Twitter Followers

  • 52,000+ Discord Members

  • 30,000+ Followers on Link3

  • 1,700+ Wallet TestFlighters

Explore Light on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

8. FlappyMoonBird

CyberConnect FlappyMoonBird

FlappyMoonBird is a multi-chain free-to-own GameFi that combines casual games with web3, providing thrilling entertainment and a reward mechanism.

FlappyMoonBird runs a collect-fly-and-earn reward mechanism. Recall the worldwide attention Flappybird got a few years ago? Well, FlappyMoonBird takes the experience to a new level by incentivizing users with rewards for their time/effort.

FlappyMoonBird’s gaming mechanism is similar to the popular FlappyBird game but with more advanced features and the web3 spice.

Unique Advantage

FlappyMoonBird simulated the insane traffic and experience game models like FlappyBird, AngryBird, and the likes already garnered.

FlappyMoonBird x CyberConnect

In April 2023, FlappyMoonBird integrated with CyberConnect to provide the web3 community with a new social experience in games.

This partnership escalates the excitement and is targeted at sparking a "lot of imagination".

As announced in its link3 article, FlappyMoonBird game players can combine CyberConnect to show game props obtained with friends, play games together in teams, etc. The combination of FlappyMoonBird's widely known games with the CyberConnect protocol enables gamers to build actual web3 social relationships and “in the future OpenAI’s ChatGPT will be integrated to provide better personalized content recommendations, content creation and distribution.

In essence, this integration provides FlappyMoonBird's gamers with a new level of social interaction and enables them to earn rewards in additional CyberConnect Fanpoints by completing daily social tasks.

Read more about this integration in this link3 article by FlappyMoonBird

User Statistics and Achievements

In December 2022, FlappyMoonBird received $6 Million in funding, led by LinkVC.

Read more about the funding in this medium article.

FlappyMoonBird has amassed a huge following of over 153.8k followers on Twitter with over 108.9k members on Discord.

In an analysis verified by the BNB chain, FlappyMoonBird was reported to have contributed 11.1% of the total gaming users on the BNB chain. And, in April 2023, FlappyMoonBird was ranked No.1 Top user Growth on the BNB chain.

Under a month of marketing, FlappyMoonBird’s FlappyKeys collection recorded over 50,000 keys minted with 40,000+ unique owners on OpenSea.

Also, in May 2023, FlappyMoonBird was ranked the No.1 GameFi dApp on the BNB chain by dApp Bay.

Future Outlook

FlappyMoonBird is not limited to just one web3 game. As of the time of this report, FlappyMoonBird simultaneously runs 3 games on the BNB chain - FlappyMoonBird, RacingBirds, and AI Birdnopoly. An indication that FlappyMoonBird has a sustainable future ahead of it.

9. Plant Crossing

Plant Crossing is a web 3 game and social application built on Avalon, intending to connect customers, brands and crypto.

Plant Crossing's MVP version, “Walk, Collect and Earn”, was launched to provide both web2 and web3 users with an optimized user experience, enabling players to walk and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the real world while earning certain rewards in return.

In essence, Plant Crossing's paramount mission is to gamify the discovery of digital collectibles, supporting universal NFTs across multiple blockchains with Augmented Reality (AR) and Location-Based Service (LBS) technology on mobile.

PlantCrossing x CyberConnect

Plant Crossing integrated with CyberConnect in a bid to incorporate more social features into the user experience on the gaming platform.

With this collaboration, the ccProfile is integrated into the Plant Crossing in-game app to represent the user's identity in the Plant Crossing ecosystem.

Learn more about this partnership in this Link3 article

User Statistics and Achievements

In February 2023, Plant Crossing amassed over 5000 daily active users - in just 18 days after its official app launch.

As of April 2023, Plant Crossing recorded an impressive 20k+ daily active users on its app.

On its social media platforms, Plant Crossing has accrued 36.4k+ followers on Twitter, 18.7k+ members on Discord and 2.4k+ members on Telegram.

Find more about Plant Crossing on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

Future Outlook

The future of plant crossing is hinged majorly on the CyberConnect social graph protocol.

Plant Crossing is working towards enabling its users to post their in-game NFTs as social media content through their ccProfile. Also, developers can use the Post API to manage the user's social data (comments, likes, posts, etc).

As part of its plans, users who complete in-game tasks on Plant Crossing could own an SBT/Badge that represents their loyalty to Plant Crossing.

In addition, Plant Crossing is working towards a future where users can follow other players and visit their NFT exhibition, thereby enabling a future where gamers can connect, compete and earn together.

Summarily, Plant Crossing is targeting both web2 and web3 users with an optimized user experience for non-crypto users to better convert them into web3.

Find more about Plant Crossing on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

10. Aspecta


Aspecta is an AI-powered digital identity ecosystem, on a mission to revolutionize data potential and empower developers across the globe.

The DID platform helps users demonstrate their capabilities and discover fellow builders.

AspectaID reveals insights regarding 2000+ skills, 150+ experience spotlights and more, derived from web and on-chain data, including GitHub, StackOverflow, Google Scholar, Twitter and different blockchains.

Unique Features

AspectaID offers developers a starter pack for web3 exploration. This pack comprises a metaverse twin and a gateway into web2 and web3.

Aspecta's ecosystem is propelled by Aspecta ID, a user-centric product that enables identity holders to demonstrate their technical skills, document achievements, and maximize the opportunities on the insights from the web and on-chain data, as well as footprints.

Furthermore, Aspecta's Identity Protocol encompasses account networks, data intelligence, identity infrastructure and an identity oracle.

Aspecta x CyberConnect

Aspecta partnered with CyberConnect to leverage CyberConnect’s social graph protocol to power the on-chain social network feature of Aspecta.

With this integration, Aspecta will provide AspectaID holders with the option to hold the skills, skill insights or experiences demonstrated on their AspectaID as NFTs or SBTs which stays with them forever as proof of their skills. These skills/experiences can be claimed as NFTs or SBTs with just one click directly on the Aspecta portal.

Additionally, these NFTs/SBTs will be automatically displayed on each user's AspectaID.

You can learn more about the partnership in this link3 article

User Statistics and Achievements

According to data reported on its official website, Aspecta has recorded 130k+ Aspecta ID holders since its launch with over 192k+ certified accounts.

The AI identity platform is also supported by 25+ partners including (CyberConnect, ZhenFund, HashKey Capital, Infinity Ventures, and a host of others).

Aspecta also has a dedicated following of 22.6k+ followers on Twitter and 5k+ members on Discord.

Future Outlook

AspectaID aims to help diversify the social graph of various users in the CyberConnect ecosystem by empowering them with a professional digital identity on-chain to showcase and digitally prove their skills and capabilities.

11. Plato

Plato is a decentralized food protocol on a mission to revolutionize how the world views the idea of eating in a restaurant.

Plato leverages the eat-review-to-earn model where users earn rewards for eating in local restaurants while also serving as a marketing platform helping restaurants to amplify their product campaigns through word-of-mouth marketing.

Plato collaborates with thousands of restaurants globally to enable users to order a meal, eat in a restaurant, leave an online review and then get rewarded in $DINE tokens.

Plato x CyberConnect

Plato partnered with CyberConnect in April 2023. This partnership enables Plato to leverage CyberConnect’s social graph protocol to integrate ‘follow’ and ‘like’ functionalities into its platform.

With this collaboration, anyone with a ccProfile can use their decentralized identity in Plato's mobile app and participate in the eat, review and earn ecosystem.

Furthermore, this integration enables Plato to mint an NFT when a user onboards a restaurant.

Learn more about the partnership in this link3 Article

User Statistics and Achievements

As reported by the Plato team in a published article, Plato has driven over $100k in verified spending into restaurants with a 91% activation rate for invited users.

Also, Plato has an engaging following of 7,600+ followers on Twitter and 3,000+ members on Discord.

Future Outlook

Plato envisions a future where local economies particularly restaurants can thrive.

The protocol's objective is to amplify word-of-mouth validation, the acknowledged 'best' form of marketing, for local restaurants by capitalizing on the power of reviews made by previous visitors.

Together with the CyberConnect protocol features, Plato aims to support the provision of exposure and recognition to restaurants and to help build valuable and sustainable relationships between restaurants and their customers.

Find more about Plato on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

12. alphagram

alphagram is a social wallet that enables on-chain payments with Telegram’s social graphs to transfer, send, swap, engage in dApps and make other payments directly on the app using web3 payment mechanisms.

It is a third-party social app developed for Telegram and is mainly built on Telegram's native infrastructure to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 by serving as a gateway between web2 and web3 social media platforms, making it easier for users to transition from web 2 to web3 social media.

alphagram is on a mission to strengthen security and privacy within the social media community while also creating a comprehensive social experience for all Telegram web3 users.

Unique Features

alphagram's web3 telegram app exceeds the ordinary to provide users with additional value-packed features. The mobile app (presently only available on Android) offers users the option to go incognito to protect their privacy, the ability to pin messages infinitely, a crypto wallet connection coupled with digital assets display, the ability to create a web3 wallet directly from the app, freedom to use owned NFTs as profile photo and many more upcoming features.

alphagram envisions an ecosystem where users can participate in the web3 community seamlessly, providing them with all the necessary tools they need to assist them in gaining a social advantage by leveraging their web2 social circles on Telegram.

alphagram x CyberConnect


alphagram partnered with CyberConnect in March 2023 to integrate the ccProfile NFT into its application. This integration is done to benefit from the existing network of social identities powered by the Cyber connect protocol.

You can learn more about the partnership by checking this announcement tweet by CyberConnect

Consequently, users can create a ccProfile directly on alphagram by simply connecting their metamask wallet to alphagram and executing the transaction.

Once users successfully create a ccProfile on alphagram they can now follow users on their contact list and can automatically import their own connection into alphagram since ccProfiles enables easy transfer of social connections.

User Statistics

alphagram has impressively garnered 10,000+ downloads with a remarkable 4.4 stars rating on Google PlayStore.

P.S: As at the time of this report, alphagram is only available on Android.

alphagram has also amassed 1,500+ active members on Telegram and 3,100+ active Twitter followers.

You can dive deeper into alphagram on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

13. GabbyWorld

GabbyWorld is a web3 social network on a mission to create a fully AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) metaverse where users can train digital versions of themselves (i.e. virtual alter egos). In this metaverse, GabbyWorld's vision is to create a fully user-generated and AI-open world.

Users can raise these virtual egos named 'gabby(ies)' by interacting and chatting with them till these gabbies attain full maturity and have learnt the user's personality and can socialize in the web3 world on the user's behalf and build connections with other gabbies in the web3 community.

Gabbies leverage a unique AI model to learn and absorb human personality, hobbies, interests and communication style, therefore creating an AI persona.


GabbyWorld is powered and backed by CyberConnect, SevenXVentures, and Everest Ventures group.

GabbyWorld adopts a unique model that creates an AI-powered social media, an ecosystem where AI becomes the human’s companion, a chat buddy and a ‘child’.

GabbyWorld also consists of a fascinating feature called GabbyLands - which is generated by the Gabby community through AI.

User Stats and Achievements

In April 2023, GabbyWorld launched GabbyTweet - an AI-generated text image content based on a user's conversation with Gabby.

In less than 3 months (till the time of this report - July 2023), GabbyTweet has pulled a total of 15,063 Gabby Tweets.

According to a transparency report published by the team, GabbyWorld currently has 4,000+ users with over 76,074 Gabby chats produced.

In May 2022, the team released GabbySquare (AlphaVersion) which adds a new dimension of amusement to GabbyWorld. And in less than two months of release, GabbySquare garnered 1,200 posts from its users.

You can learn more about GabbyWorld in this blog post

GabbyWorld x CyberConnect

Internet users can explore GabbyWorld by browsing the site with baby gabby. But to chat and start growing a gabby, users need a ccProfile and an invitation code to explore this feature.

More info in this thread by GabbyWorld

Future Outlook

In the 2nd half of July 2023, the team plans to release a better version of its website to reflect an immersive metaverse experience, while still preserving its primary essence - to create an AI open world.

GabbyDAO will also be launched. This DAO will be open to all GabbyList holders. The purpose of this DAO is to first create a fully community-owned open world for AI, web3 and humans to exist freely. The DAO will also be responsible for determining the formation of the "GabbyWorld", ownership of the parts of the world, driving the development of the contents inside the world, and shaping value created inside the world.

Gabby NFT Collection Release: The full details of this campaign are still being deliberated on by the team.

You can read more about GabbyWorld on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

14. Clasp

Clasp is a web3 social application that empowers content creators by capturing all follower interactions on major networks for fair value distribution, converting the imbalance value distribution between content creators, followers and big networks.

Clasp is one of the few web3 native applications that owns a web application on web2 app stores. The app can be classified as a “content-to-earn” platform that rewards content creators and users.

Clasp is revolutionizing the social media landscape by empowering users to own and monetize their data and online identities.

Users/creators can stake tokens and earn rewards. Additionally, users who engage with content are rewarded with Clasp tokens based on their level of interaction and the level of engagement the content receives.

Ultimately, Clasp connects creators and users from around the world, breaking down barriers and fostering a global community.


User Stats and Achievements

In the first 24 hours of launch, Clasp hit an impressive milestone of 1,000 app downloads on the Google Play Store, currently sitting at over 5000+ downloads.

Clasp is live on Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

Clasp has also recorded impressive daily usage metrics.


Clasp x CyberConnect

Clasp uses CyberConnect’s social graph protocol components to allow content creators to mint content as SBTs and store it on the BNB chain.

Followers can collect SBT by sharing the content and content creators can offer exclusive content to their audience using NFTs.

Clasp is focused on leading the next wave of social networking and enabling social media users to take ownership of their online presence.

You can read more about Clasp on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

15. bFrenz

bFrenz is a crypto-native social media dedicated to being the first stop for beginners in the web3 space.

bFrenz supports users to freely subscribe to crypto news and on-chain data aggregation applications, watch community discussions, participate in voting sessions and build new relationships (frenz) in web3.

bFrenz includes the bFrenz App and the bFrenz DAO, serving as an open platform providing users with a diverse web3 experience.

Unique Features

bFrenz incentivizes users for carrying out engagement-based activities together with a safe and high-quality project experience with loads of benefits.

P.S: bFrenz has launched its mobile app live on Google PlayStore, iOS and is also available on the web.

bFrenz x CyberConnect

bFrenz partnered with CyberConnect in April 2023, in a bid to provide more Social context and gameplay for the CyberConnect social protocol, in return, bFrenz also benefits from the underlying support provided by CyberConnect.

With this integration, bFrenz leverages a multi-chain DID aggregation, that enables bFrenz to aggregate a user's identity data generated across different blockchains.

This enables users to automatically transfer their profile, contents/posts and connections securely across different blockchains, this is enabled by utilising the ccProfile NFT.

Additionally, this integration enables bFrenz to provide solutions to issues surrounding quantifying the value of identity on-chain. bFrenz also allows users to abstract their behavioural credentials into badges, which serve as proof of a user's web3 engagement. This proof is recorded in the form of a bFrenz SBT token on the BSC chain.

Further, bFrenz leverages the CyberConnect recommendation engine to periodically analyze users' wallet addresses and recommend relevant projects of interest to them based on their transactions on-chain.

User Statistics and Achievements

In April 2023, bFrenz celebrated 10,000+ SBTs minted by unique users on its platform.

bFrenz also has 15.7k+ followers on Twitter and 2,850+ members on its Discord server.

Future Outlook

bFrenz is on a mission to serve as a crypto academy that improves the experience of web3 newcomers.

Also, bFrenz aims to serve as an intermediary between projects and their target audience.

As part of its plans for bFrenz DAO, the bFrenz team is focused on incorporating a DAO governance that will enable people better identify quality web3 projects providing them with credible and authentic news, analysis, and reports, amongst other interesting features.

Find more about bFrenz on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

16. Vess ID

Vess is a self-sovereign work credentials protocol built on top of Ceramic Network where users can record their web3 work history and can carry it along with them to any platform.

Vess serves as a work identity protocol that brings the smoothest experience for hirers and job-seekers by leveraging blockchain, decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCred) Technologies.

Unique Features

Through one of its products, Vess Resume - a self-sovereign resume platform, users can build their resume utilising a widget-like interface.

Vess's SYNAPSS also serves as a web3 job marketplace that matches web3 talents with job hirers.

Vess x CyberConnect

Vess partnered with CyberConnect in April 2023. This integration enables ccProfile holders to create their resumes with their ccProfiles directly on Vess. These users can then attach their resumes to their ccProfile.

Soon, Vess aims at integrating Essence NFTs as part of its DID infrastructure.

Find more about VessID on Link3 where you get to access all its official links!

A Step Closer to a Brighter Future…

The extensive review of the thriving projects in the CyberConnect ecosystem has revealed the gradual, yet exponential, adoption of Decentralized Social media (DeSoc) and how CyberConnect stands as a catalyst for this adoption.

The above-selected applications demonstrate the importance of decentralized technology in empowering users to truly own and monetize their social profiles, content, and connections.

Assuredly, the CyberConnect ecosystem is at the forefront of revolutionizing the decentralized social media landscape, but the ecosystem will be incomplete without the commitment of enthusiastic founders building innovative projects on the protocol. The growth and success of these projects are crucial to the manifestation of the mission championed by CyberConnect. Impressively, the user-traction and growth metrics garnered indicate a fraction of what is yet to be achieved.

In the future ahead, it is hoped that these projects and the innovative minds behind the CyberConnect ecosystem receive all the needed support and accolades. With all hands on deck, the idea of a decentralized social media and interoperable ecosystem is close in for the kill.


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